War in Ukraine: Position Santa

Santa gives the order to fire at seperatist positions.

The men watch reconissance footage of an enemy troops being hit by a shell after crossing into Ukrainian held territory.

A Ukrainain soldier operates a machine gun 100 meters from seperatist positions in Avdiivka, Ukraine.

Santa and Donut move between positions on the front line in Avdiivka.

Inside the industrial zone between Avdiivka and Donetsk.

Ivan listens as shells land outside their postition

Shrapnel damage to a wharehouse in Ukrainian held territory in Avdiivka.

A Ukrianian soldier killed in a mortar atack outside the volunteer's position.

Commander studies the map.

Santa, who has been awake for almost 24 hours continues to monitor communications while Donut relaxes.

Newt brings ammunition to the position's gun during a heavy bout of shelling.

Yar looks at Donut who has recently arrived to join the volunteer unit on the frontline in Avdiivka.

Newt watches as shells land outside the unit's position.

Men risk exposure to mortar attacks in order to call family. The only spot in the postion with cell service is located upstairs in a stairwell facing seperatist troops.

Newt has been feeding a sick kitten and tried to keep it in the kitchen area of the bunker.

Newt is upset that he is not allowed to keep a sick kitten in the kitchen.

Despite the shelling continuing outside, Commander, Newt, Martin, Pilot, and Santa whatch a documentary about the battle for Donetsk airport, which they had particpated in last year, in a bunker on the frontline in Avdiivka, a hundred meters from DNR troop positions.

Santa, leader of a unit of unpaid volunteers in Right Sector, speaks with his wife on the overnight train from Kiev to Krasnoarmiisk while on his way to the front line.

The top floor of the men's building has been destroyed by a shell.

Ivan, a regualr army soldier holds the light for Newt, an unpaid volunteer soldier in Right Sector as he prepares an ammunition belt for their postion's guns.

Donut, an unpaid volunteer soldier with Right Sector, stares out the window during a break in the shelling.