Prison Reform in Libya

Misrata, Libya - Prisoners queue for chest x-rays provided by the National Center for Disease Control. .The Al-Jawiya Reform and Rehabilitation Center is the main detention center for former Ghadaffi loyalists and pro-Gadaffi fighters.

Misrata, Libya - Prisoners are allowed to receive food, books, and clothes from relatives during weekly visits. Approximately 8-10 prisoners share a the cell which has its own bathroom and shower.

Misrata, Libya - Prison director Col. Abubriedaa explains how he has tried to create a modern, professional prison. Before the fighting between Libya Dawn and Zintan / General Haftar, he had requested and received training from British prison authorities.

Misrata, Libya - Guards call up groups of prisoners for exams provided by the National Center for Disease Control. Guards reported that better health care and a prison commissary has made the prisoners more compliant.

Misrata, Libya - Former pro-Gadaffi fighters in the newly constructed The Al-Jawiya Reform and Rehabilitation Center. As prisoners were considered in the modern facility from smaller, make-shift prisons, most have had trials and gotten specific sentences.

Misrata, Libya - Former Gadaffi loyalists.

Misrata, Libya - A former Gadaffi loyalist who has a zabiba, or prayer bumb. Many of the prisoners have become more religious. Authoriites monitor for possible radicalization.

Misrata, Libya - A prisoner works in the facilities commissary. Inmates recieve money from family or earn from jobs around the prison. Their money is kept in a prison bank, their pruchases are recorded, and the amounts deducted from their balance.

Misrata, Libya - A former pro-Gadaffi loyalist. found guilty of war crimes against the revolutionary forces.

Misrata, Libya - Kalid Tantoush was Gadaffi's spiritual advisor and religious teacher. He is currently serving a life sentence.

Misrata, Libya - Afternoon prayers led by Khaled Tantoush, Gadaffi's former spiritual advisor.