Fringe - Addiction in NJ

Inside Tent City's chapel, "Uncle Mike" dances salsa with Eve.

Rev. Steve, the self-appointed spokesperson for Tent City, heads to the chapel while Eve and Arek star gaze around the fire.

Inside Tent City's chapel Dave tries to calm Eve.

Chris consoles his wife Eve after an argument.

A piano in a makeshift courtyard.

"Old Man Ron" screamsas he undergoes withdrawl symptoms from alcohol.

Dawn sweeps the porch of her tent. After losing her nursing license and a prison term, she came to Tent Coty. Since arriving, her addiction to alcohol and heroin have worsened.

Andrew, who is diagnosed with paranoia and schizophrenia, and his pregenant fiance' Samantha, who is an alcholic, use their smart phone to look up the effects their condition may have on their unborn child.

Dawn and Bear keep warm around a homemade heater in tent City's "town Hall"

Residents watch the latest batman film on DVD pwered by a generator. - Christopher Occhicone

"Benny" injects heroin.

Francine is upset that her son has moved to Georgia.

Donated food and clothes are left to rot outside of Tent City's chapel

Tim sleeps in the chapel into the afternoon.

Eve tries to feed her husband Chris. After a night of partying he is too sick to eat.

Andrew is upset his pregenat fiance' Samantha is talking about her ex-husband and her 5 children who had been taken away by social services. Eve takes Andrew's side, believing it is disrectful to her man to talk about past relationships. .

Eve shows off letters between her and Chris while Chris was in prison for assualting her.

Various monthly government subsidies have come through for many in the camp and the group has pruchased several hundred dollars of crack. Dawn smokes while John and Bear wait their turn.

Afarid to sleep in their tent after a fire killed another resident, Chris and Eve decide it is safer to stay in Tent City's chapel.

The camp begins approximately 100 meters from a busy county road.